Mortgage Checklist

Mortgage Checklist

Please gather the following items to be better prepared for the steps in the mortgage process.

Basic Information

  • Social Security numbers for all borrowers
  • W-2 forms – past two years
  • Paycheck stubs – copy of most recent 30-day pay period
  • Addresses – past two years

Employment History

  • Past two years including dates employed, name, address and phone of employer

Bank Statements

  • Copy for all accounts covering recent two months

If you are self-employed or are paid commission

  • P&L statement – current year-to-date
  • Balance sheet – past two years
  • Tax returns – two years signed federal tax returns and all schedules (including K-1s)

If you are currently renting

  • Rental history- landlords’ names and phone numbers for the past two years

If you are purchasing a home

  • Copy of sale contract
  • Other items to remember
  • Divorce decree, if applicable
  • VA loans – Certificate of Eligibility & DD214

If you are refinancing

  • Copy of title insurance policy
  • Copy of current mortgage payment coupon
  • Copy of homeowners and (if applicable) flood insurance policy
  • Copy of warranty deed
  • Copy of property survey

This checklist is a helpful tool, but please note, additional items may be requested.